Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work? What can we do there?

The Winery at Wolf Creek offers handcrafted wines, craft beers, snack foods, a relaxing atmosphere, and a beautiful view. Customers sample wines at the bar with the guidance of our helpful staff for 50 cents per sample or three different samples for $1. Wines may be purchased by the glass, bottle, or case. Beer may be purchased by the bottle at the bar. Snack foods, such as cheese, crackers, chips, chocolate, and biscotti are available for purchase. Seating is available indoors or outdoors, overlooking Wolf Creek and its surrounding wildlife. Board games are available for customer use or you are welcome to bring in your favorite game. The Winery at Wolf Creek is an ideal place to visit with friends and family.

Do you serve food?

We serve snack foods, such as cheese, crackers, pretzels, chips, biscotti, etc. Soft drinks, bottled water, and fruit juices are available. Many of our customers bring a picnic or take-out meal to enjoy with a bottle of Wolf Creek wine or a craft beer. Local restaurants who offer delivery are happy to deliver your pizzas, pastas, and other meals to the winery.

Do you take reservations? Are large groups allowed? What are your busiest times?

Reservations are not available. The Tasting Room has limited seating on a first come basis. The outdoor deck has many tables and benches for groups or couples. The vast winery lawn provides seemingly infinite space for blankets during busy times. Groups are welcome at the winery but we do maintain a MAXIMUM OF 3 TABLES PER GROUP, both in the Tasting Room and outdoors on the winery deck and lawn. If your party exceeds this size, please be considerate, bring your picnic blanket, and use our lawn area. Please see our groups page for more information. Common sense and courtesy are appreciated by fellow customers and winery staff when large groups are visiting the winery. It is busiest at Wolf Creek during the summer months, especially during weekend evenings. Live music nights (Monday and Wednesday, May–October) can also be busy. When in doubt, bring a picnic blanket to spread on the lawn.

Do you have a banquet facility or party room?

Please see our groups and rentals page.

Do you offer tours?

Limited tours are available. Please see our tours page for more information.

Do you offer special events?

Live Acoustic Music is performed on the winery deck or inside the Tasting Room on Mondays and Wednesdays from 7–9 p.m. The Winery at Wolf Creek offers various special events throughout the year. Like us on Facebook and sign up for our email newsletter for a complete list of upcoming events.

Do you serve other alcohol? Can other alcohol be brought to the Winery?

We offer a small selection of craft beer for purchase at the bar. Our winemaker strives to make a variety of quality wines and the winery staff is trained to guide you through choosing a wine you enjoy. Soft drinks, bottled water, and fruit juices are also available for purchase. NO OUTSIDE ALCOHOL IS PERMITTED.

What ages are allowed at the winery?

All ages are welcome to visit the winery. Children should be mindfully watched by parents at all times and are welcome to bring appropriate activities to enjoy, including outdoor games. Parents should use discretion during busy times at the winery. Our wine servers verify legal drinking age by checking IDs during wine purchase.

Are we allowed to bring pets?

Sorry, pets must stay at home except for scheduled Yappy Hours or Dog Days of Summer events. Please enjoy our goats and spotting the occasional deer, turkey, or fox instead.

Where else can I buy Wolf Creek wines?

Review the list of store locations on our wine availability page to see where else you can purchase our wines.

What are tartrates? What is floating in my wine?!

One of the by-products of tartaric acid (naturally occurring substance in grapes), tartrates are also called potassium bitartrate, cream of tartar (used in cooking), and tartar. Excess tartaric acid crystallizes during prolonged chilling of wine. These small, innocuous crystals can appear in wine unless thoroughly removed through the cold stabilization process. Tartrates aren’t harmful and only impact the wine visually. In Germany, tartrates are called weinsteins (“wine stones”).

Are you hiring?

We occasionally hire part-time help. Feel free to fill out an employment application and return it to us.