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Wolf Creek White & Rose Wine Selection


Blind Faith

Blind Faith is a dry white wine inspired by forbidden conversations about love, politics, and religion. Best enjoyed in the company of poets, politicians, or clergy. Good with chicken, seafood, and summer fruits. Serve chilled. Blindfold optional. Dry white wine from a Malvasia grape variety.

Alcohol by Volume: 12%

Dry Rose

Our 2019 Estate Dry Rose has floral aromas and acidic taste. Made from our very own Leon Millot grape variety, this wine is perfect for pairing with creamy goat cheese. The perfect summer picnic Rose. 

Alcohol by volume: 11%



2019 Washington Unoaked Chardonnay. Aged in stainless steel at Wolf Creek. This medium bodied dry white is light on mouth feel and big in flavor. Big citrus and apple notes, great to pair with grilled fish and fresh vegetables. 

Alcohol by volume: 12%


Special Cask

2019 Washington Oaked Chardonnay. Aged 2 months in French oak at Wolf Creek. This medium bodied dry white has light oak flavor with notes of vanilla, light tobacco

and tropical fruits. 

Alcohol by volume: 11%


Pinot Gris

Estate-grown Pinot Gris at Wolf Creek. This wine is light bodied dry white wine with aromas of citrus fruit. Pairs well with fish and light pastas.    


Alcohol by volume: 12%


This is a lovely semi-sweet estate-grown Vignoles variety. A white wine with aromas of tropical fruit. This is the perfect wine for those who are in between sweet and dry. Pairs well with finger foods, cheeseboard and smoked meats.

Alcohol by volume: 11%



This 2019 Muscat variety is a dry white wine. It has all the juicy, grapey flavor you'd want in a wine with sweet and intense aromas. Pairs well with most seafood, Asian cuisine, or just the bottle by itself! 

Alcohol by volume: 11%


Our 2019 Riesling variety comes out of our own vineyard

and one of our favorite varieties. This semi-dry white wine 

has floral aromas and acidic after taste. Pairs well with Asian cuisine and fatty fish. 

Alcohol by volume: 12%




Another great French grape variety, our 2019 Traminette is grown in the vineyard of Wolf Creek. It makes a great acidic and floral semi-sweet full bodied white wine. Traminette is paired well with spicy Asian style foods and fruity goat cheeses.  

Alcohol by volume: 11%

Sauvignon Blanc

This 2019 highly popular acidic, dry white French wine has been on our Tasting Room wine list for years and will continue for years to come. Aromas of limes, lemons and grassy in flavor. Pairs great herbal greens in meats and creamy cheeses. 

Alcohol by volume: 11%


Please note that some wines options may be out of stock throughout certain times of the year.

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