Wolf Creek Wine Selection


Medium-bodied fruity wine with aromas of

plum, cherry, and cocoa.  Aged in American oak barrels.
Alcohol by volume: 12%

Cabernet Sauvignon

Rich, full-bodied dry red. Aged in American oak.

 Alcohol by volume: 12%


Medium-bodied, fruity dry red with aromas of berries. Aged in American oak.
Alcohol by volume: 12%


Traditionally, Nouveau is the first wine of the new harvest. We can’t think of a better way to celebrate the winter holidays that follow another growing season than with this light and fruity red wine. Harvested by hand, fermented in stainless steel, and bottled by the second week of November. Enjoy this wine with roast turkey, honey-glazed ham, or a little cranberry relish. Young, light, fruity semi-dry red made from estate-grown Leon Millot grapes.
The first wine released after harvest each year. 
Alcohol by volume:12%


Inky, Smoky, and rich. A medium-bodied red we’d walk a long way for  

(maybe not 40 years in the desert, but you get the idea).

Medium-bodied dry red made from an Italian variety of grapes.  Aged with French oak.
Alcohol by Volume: 13.5%


Full-bodied dry red with aromas of berries, pepper and spice.  
Aged in Wolf Creek American oak barrels.
Alcohol by volume: 12%

Cabernet Franc

Medium-bodied, estate-grown dry red. Lightly oaked. We are currently out of stock for this wine but plan to have more spring 2021.
Alcohol by volume: 12%

Dry Rose

 Our 2019 Estate Dry Rose has floral aromas and acidic taste. Made from our Leon Millot grape variety. 

Alcohol by volume: 11% 

Blind Faith

Blind Faith is a dry white wine inspired by forbidden conversations about love, politics, and religion. Best enjoyed in the company of poets, politicians, or clergy. Good with chicken, seafood, and summer fruits. Serve chilled. Blindfold optional. Dry white wine from Le Cresent and Seyval Blanc grapes.
Alcohol by Volume: 12%


Crisp and fruity dry white wine. Aged in stainless steel.
Alcohol by volume: 12%

Pinot Gris

Light-bodied, estate-grown, dry white wine with aromas of citrus fruit.   Alcohol by volume: 12%


This is a lovely semi-sweet estate-grown white wine with aromas of tropical fruit. We are currently out of stock for this wine but plan to have more the summer 2020. 
Alcohol by volume: 12%

Sweet Revenge

Revenge is always sweeter while enjoying a glass of wine, and for over twenty years we’ve been making Sweet Revenge for all occasions. Crafted from a secret blend of red and white grapes. Fruity, crisp and sweet. Sweet Revenge is a wine best served cold. Sweet blush made from a blend of Seyval Blanc and red French hybrid grapes. Sweet Ohio Blush Wine.
Alcohol by volume: 11%

White Lies

Foxy, mysterious, and fun. A perennial Wolf Creek favorite, White Lies is made from fully ripe American Delaware grapes. Originating from the primeval forests of the New World, this ancient variety always produces a wine with intensely aromatic and is distinctly American. Serve chilled. White Lies is fun and fruity sweet white wine made with Wolf Creek Delaware grapes.
Alcohol by Volume: 12%


Our sweet and seductive red is best when served with sinful chocolate or a fresh load of communion bread. Serve slightly chilled or at room temperature. Whether you’re an absolute angel or the spawn of the devil, we all need a little Redemption now and then. Light, sweet red made from a blend of French hybrid grapes.
Red Table Wine. Alcohol by volume: 11.1%


Our cranberry wine is perfect for the holiday season with

the family or if you like a sweet and tart treat! 

Alcohol by volume 10%


About when Violet was turning violet and being rolled away to the de-juicing room, we had an idea...how about blueberry wine? This is no exotic chewing gum; made from ripe blueberries, it’s sure to remind everyone of summer, even on a cold winter’s day. Semi-dry blueberry wine with a hint of tartness. Ohio Blueberry Wine.
Alcohol by Volume: 10.5%

Original Sin

Once upon a time our rather sinful winemaker went for a walk. He came to a beautiful valley filled with apple orchards and thought to himself, “Oh, what a pleasant valley, I should make an apple wine.” Enjoy with a holiday meal, or

with a friend by a fire. Serve chilled.

Sweet apple wine made from a blend ofOhio-grown apples. 
Alcohol by volume: 11%

Space Cowboy

Yippee ki-yay! Full of the atomic flavors of fully ripe peaches. Best enjoyed on a cold nuclear winter’s evening by a nice fire.
Sweet and fruity wine made from ripe peaches.

Alcohol by volume: 11%

Please note that some wines options may be out of stock throughout certain times of the year.

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