Wolf Creek Wine Selection

Wolf Creek Dry Red Wine Selections

We at Wolf Creek grow red grape varieties such as Cabernet Franc, Leon Millot, Isabella, Pinot Gris in our own vineyard. However a good amount of red varieties wine we produce come from places all over the U.S. focusing mostly on the California or Washington regions. Check out our current dry read wine list below! 

Wolf Creek Dry White Wine Selections

Our vineyard has a lot of great white wine varieties growing all year long such as Traminette, Delaware, Cayuga, Seyval, Vignoles, and Riesling. White varieties can withstand the colder winters of Ohio a little better than red therefore we like to keep our white wine list full. See below for our current white wine selections and our new 2019 Rose. 

Wolf Creek Signature Sweet  

& Fruit Wine Selections

In North East Ohio we love our sweet and fruit based wines. Our most popular wine has to be our Delaware variety we call White Lies. Along with sweet wines we are fruit based wines such as apple, cranberry, and blueberry. Check out our signature sweet wines! 

Wolf Creek Signature Cocktails 

Recently we got out distill back in our cellar and we look forward to serving the public our very own spirits again in our Tasting Room. Until now we have always have signature cocktails and wine slushies to enjoy in house or to-go!

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